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Separateur Name

Name of the jewelery:

Navajo Necklace

Separateur History


The navajo necklace is always worn by navajos long time ago.
Navajo necklace is very sacred and important to the navajos because it also comes from mother earth and we have to make sure what we use from her is not wasted in any way.
Navajo necklace is made of turquoise and sterling silver. The navajos wear jewelry when attending a ceremony.
The history of navajo necklaces. Indians mined turquoise and turned it into jewelry, that they are very precious and sacred to the navajo peoplee because jewelry to them is like diamonds to rich people.
In a way the navajo necklace is like a diamond necklace to the navajos.

Separateur Artist

Informations about the artist:

Lee Anderson.

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