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Navajo Cradle Board

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Made with cottonwood, pine or cedar laced together with thin strips of leather, the cradle boards feature a wide, wooden hoop over the baby's head that protects the child.
Navajos believe the flat boards will give the baby a strong, straight back, and that a soft supporting pad will help the infant form a nice rounded head.
After a baby is born a cradle is made for him or her. The cradle board is a resting place so the mother can do her daily chores.
On the cradle board the rainbow or the "headboard" is made of oak that is shaved and then bent into half a circle and is stuck near the top of the board and goes over the baby's head.
The lightening bolt or lacing is made of a strip of leather, buckskin or cloth. Then it is inserted through the side loops, fastening the baby safely into the cradle board.
The cradle board was made by first man, talking god, coyote for changing woman. The cradle board is made out of strong pine tree.

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