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Separateur Name

Name of the jewelery:

Navajo rug

Separateur History


The Navajo rug consists of many designs and symbols that tell a story or represents something special from the Navajo Tribe.
During the Class Period, the Navajo wove utilitarian items of clothing for their own use and for the trade of the Spanish.
These items were woven using the wool from the Spnish Churro sheep introduced by Coronado in 1540 and again in 1598 by Don Juan Ornate.
The Navajo rug was used sometimes for clothing such as the rug dress that the Navajo tribe wore to keep warm in the winter.
It can symbolize many things in life such as nature design as shown in the picture.

Separateur Artist

Informations about the artist:

In the picture to the right, is a Navajo Rug woven by a Navajo woman named Marie Begay.
This peice of artwork is called "Tree of Life".
Having there being birds and a young corn stalk, this symbolizes life to the Navjo tribe because the corn represents a source of food or life to the Navajo Tribe.

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