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Navajo turquoise

Separateur History


Turquoise was a very important item to the early inhabitants of North and South America.
The stone was used in religion, art, trade, treaty negotiations, and jewelry.
It was considered by some to be associated with life itself. Turquoise has also been used for medical purposes.
These uses varied from land to land and from age to age.
Some thought it could prevent injury through accident, prevent blindness (by placing perfect stones over the eyes or ground into a salve) and cure stomach disorders, internal bleeding, and stings from snakes and scorpions, when ingested as a powder.
Turquoise also found its way into the mystic arts. Its color could forecast good or bad, predict the weather, and influence dreams.
It was good for nearly every ailment -including insanity. As a good luck talisman, it found usage in nearly every culture.

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