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Separateur Name

Name of the jewelery:

Navajo Concho belt

Separateur History


When you wear the concho belt, each stone or buckle can tell a story from the maker of the belt.
The concho belts are worn by both the men and women.
The stories are passed down from generation to generation through the dine language.
The making of the concho belts were introduced to the navajos by the spainards and the mexicans.
Besides the stories that are told with it and the value it brings, the Navajo people also use the turquoise in concho belts becasue the dine believe that it has ceremonial signifiance.
The navajo people believe that when you use turquoise in a ceremony use, it helps to heal the person whom needs help.

Separateur Artist

Informations about the artist:

The top, silver concho belt was designed by Richard and Alex Galvin.
The bottom, turquoise concho belt was designed by Larry Moses Begay.

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